Be sure to check out the areas within our Veterans Memorial Building that are still available for sponsorship. If you are interested in sponsoring any of the following or simply wish to donate to the Veterans Memorial Building, please Contact Us.

Flag Pole

Flag Pole: $250,000

Veterans Kitchen - 2nd Floor

Veterans Kitchen – 2nd Floor: $50,000

Veterans Resource Center - 2nd Floor

Veterans Resource Center – 2nd Floor: $75,000


Auditorium: $1,000,000

Veterans Lounge

Veterans Lounge: $150,000


Promenade: $400,000

Veterans Office - 2nd Floor

Veterans Office – 2nd Floor: $50,000

Veterans Event Room - 2nd Floor

Veterans Event Room – 2nd Floor: $200,000

South Terrace

South Terrace: $100,000

Veterans Hall Historic Entrance

Veterans Hall Historic Entrance: $400,000

Prospect Courtyard

Prospect Courtyard: $250,000