Legacy Opportunities Fulfilled

Legacy Opportunities Fulfilled:

Board Room and Library-1st floor Sponsored by: Rear Admiral and Mrs. Russell W. Gorman, US Navy
Banquet Hall Kitchen – 1st floor Sponsored by: HEDCO Foundation
North Terrace Sponsored by: Dornsife Family Foundation
Veterans Meeting Room – 1st floor Sponsored by: Danville/Sycamore Valley Rotary Club
Senior Center Lobby Sponsored by: The Joseph and Vera Long Foundation
Lobby – 2nd floor Sponsored by: Arthur D. and Beverly Bridges Foundation
Display case a gift of Patricia R. Behring and David E. Behring Family
Display case a gift of Joe and Sue Raphel In Memory of Michael Shimansky
Display Case a gift of CAPT Lorrie Sammons, NC, USN, Ret. and CAPT Tim Sammons, USN, Ret.
Display case a gift of The Rotary Club of Danville
Veterans Lobby in Honor of Karen Stepper

Everyday community members from throughout the San Ramon Valley and beyond are showing their support by pledging a financial contribution to the restoration and expansion of the Danville Veterans Memorial Building.  Please show your support by pledging your contribution today by calling 925.362.9806.

Following is a list of our very generous contributors:

Thank you to everyone. Your gifts are greatly appreciated.

If we have inadvertently omitted listing your kind-hearted donation, please let us know at 925.362.9806.